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Renewal Reviews

Personal Insurance


Why Do You Need An

Annual Insurance Review?


80% of insurance customers do not have all the coverage they need!  That’s the estimate of a recent industry survey.


67% of U.S. homes are underinsured by an average of 27% according to Marshall & Swift / Boeckh, a firm that compiles building cost data for the insurance industry.


61% of claims denied by insurance companies are a result of unreported property, vehicles, or changes in a household.


60% of homeowners that remodeled their homes fail to tell their insurance company of the increased value in their home according to the president of a large insurance company.


$100,000.  A consumer organization in San Francisco estimates that in 2003, the typical Southern California home that was reduced to ashes by wildfires was underinsured by this amount.


Because We Don’t Want You To Find Out The Hard Way

That A Claim Isn’t Covered


Can you imagine the horror of having a claim or damages worth $50,000 or $100,000 or $500,000 or even $1,000,000 and being told “Sorry, you’re not covered for this.”?  That could be devastating to you and your family!


Obviously we all hope that bad things won’t happen to us, but unfortunately terrible things do happen, and they can happen to you.  The only thing you can do is be prepared.  Set up a wall of protection for you, your family, and your stuff, now, before it’s too late.


When your policy was first written, we spent a lot of time with you making sure that you were properly protected, or at least knew your options.   But, as time goes on, things change.  Maybe your needs or exposures are different.  Or, you've changed your mind about a coverage that you have or don't have.  Perhaps a new rider is being offered by your insurance company.  Changes in the law, insurance products, and your personal or business life demand a constant review of your protection.


Do you really know what your policy covers?  Do you really know what your options are?  Communication is the key.  We'd like to tell you what's available, so you can determine if it's protection that you need and want.  But, you have to do your part. 


The best way to accomplish this is completion of our unique "Personal Insurance - Checklist/Review" that we developed specially for C & G clients.  We think it should be done at least yearly, and the annual anniversary of your auto or homeowners insurance policy seems as good a time as any.  Of course, you're welcome to contact us any time you have questions or want to review your coverage.


Please click here and complete the personal insurance checklist / review.  

Contact us immediately with any “Yes” answers.  It will only take about 10-20 minutes, and will prove to be some of the most valuable time you've ever spent on your financial well being (not to mention peace of mind).  We feel that this is vitally important to you. 


Option 2 - After you've completed our checklist / review, and if you're signed in as a personal client, you'll see a Renewal Review link at the left.  This is different from our personal insurance checklist / review, and worth a look.  You should find this helpful as well.


Call us.  Talk to us.  We're ready and willing to help with your protection, but we can't do it without you.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read our PDF documents.  Most computers today come with this feature.  If you can't open the documents, click on the image to the left, and download Adobe Reader for free.


Business Insurance

We do not yet have an extensive business insurance checklist / review.   There are so many different types of businesses, policies, and coverages that it’s difficult to develop a review that would encompass all of them.  We do have a basic Renewal Review that is worth a look.  The link for this is on the left when you're signed in as a commercial client.  Furthermore, all of the points made above apply to business insurance as much as personal insurance.  Things change, exposures change, and needs change.  So that we can do the best job advising you about your protection, we need you to communicate these changes to us.  As with personal insurance, you should review your coverage with us at least annually.

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